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165 York Street, Toronto, On. (416) 703-1773, Open for lunch Mon - Fri, dinner and late night every night
The four of us went to the Keg on York Street in downtown Toronto (near city hall).  We have been here many times before.  It was boxing day, so the office crowd which usually fills this bar and steakhouse to the brim on a Thursday after 5 was not here.  It was relatively a quiet evening.

The inside of this keg, like all kegs, has a comfortable feel.  There is a fireplace that invites you to enter on a cold evening.

The interior is always easy on the eyes, even though it is quite dark.

My wife and I began with a caesar salad.  As always it was cool and crisp.

My son Thomas had the sirloin oscar - the toppings of scallops and shrimp were delicious- however under it the steak had a lot of gristle in it and parts were inedible.  The garlic mashed potatoes are always a good choice (they are delicious).
My son Mark began with the escargot stuffed mushrooms, which always smell and taste delicious.

For his main he had the creole chicken, it had a nice amount of scallops on it and he found it very good.  The vegetables were nicely cooked.
My wife had the salmon (she has had it in Kegs before) it was delicious and not overcooked.  It came with a small caesar and nicely cooked beans.

I had my usual sirloin dinner.  My steak was undercooked (I like mine medium).  The baked potato was nicely cooked and delicious.  The mushrooms and vegetables were very good.

We completed our meals with their signature dessert Billy Miner Pie.  It is delicious and even if you feel full it is light and easy to eat.
We came to the keg to have dinner to celebrate my wife's birthday and I indicated that to the waitress as we were being seated.  In previous visits to the Keg (on the Esplanade) we were asked if we were celebrating anything and when we told them we were celebrating our two boys' birthdays, they provided a complimentary dessert and a handwritten birthday card (see my blog entry for the Keg on Esplanade).  We found this Keg a little less personal and lacking in service this time.  Maybe it was just an off day, we always enjoy any Keg we go to.

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