Friday, 31 January 2014


400 Brant Street, Burlington, On., (905) 632-1300, Lunch and Dinner, 7 days a week,  Late night, kid friendly, Private Parties
My son Thomas and I decided to go for dinner on Thursday evening.  We thought we would go back to Queen's Head, a place we used to frequent quite often.  It is a typical British Pub, on Brant Street in downtown Burlington, that serves comfort food (perfect for a cold evening in winter).
It has a number of different rooms inside and a large patio overlooking the street.  The patio is very lively on warm summer nights.  

We hadn't been here for a while and found some interesting changes on their menu.  The special tonight was a ground jerk chicken burger.  It was very tasty and was accompanied by sweet potatoes, which were quite good.

I chose the steak and mushroom pie covered with puff pastry and filled with tender beef chunks and mushrooms, with a rich brown gravy and yukon potatoes.  It was accompanied with some seasonal vegetables, that were perfectly cooked.

We accompanied our meals with pints of Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale.  A very satisfying meal, typical of most pubs.  The service was timely and our waiter was friendly. They seem to be trying to expand their menu and get more creative and that's a good thing. 

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Sunday, 19 January 2014


671 Queen Street West, Toronto, On., (647) 345-7644 Lunch and Dinner Mon.- Sat. and late night Thurs. Fri. and Sat.
Mark and I decided to have something quick to eat before visiting a couple of pubs.  He had tried Murray's before and liked it, but it was very hectic here during the week - this being a Saturday we were able to enjoy it without a crowd.

The menu is displayed on a chalkboard and includes an interesting and unique list of sandwiches. That range from $7 to $9.  
We both decided on the BL-TIZZY which consisted of double smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, murray mayo and avocado. ($8).
The bun surrounding the bacon lettuce and tomato was outstanding and although large, was very light and tasty.  The sandwich contents blended well with the mayo and avocado.  The yukon gold fries were very crispy and light - although there were not enough of them.  The prices are very reasonable, the sandwich we tried was very good.  We will be back to try more of them on the menu.

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Sunday, 12 January 2014


39 Prince Arthur Avenue, The Annex, Toronto, On. (416) 964-2441, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night 7 days a week
Went to Duke of York for nachos and beer on Saturday evening with my son Mark.  The Duke of York is located on Prince Arthur Avenue near Yorkville.  In a group of restaurants that include Bedford Academy, Fieramosca and Opus.  It is a very lively bar with a welcoming feel and easy going attitude.
The inside is warm, homey and is composed of a variety of different rooms and a nice bar.  There is an outdoor patio at the back that is open in the summer.  The downstairs was hopping with a birthday party and there were large groups coming and going throughout the evening.  There were many U of T students here, since it is located on the edge of the Annex and the University.

They have a good selection of beers, including the regular choices, as well as some craft brews and some UK choices.

Mark decided on a Moosehead.

I chose a beer I hadn't had in a while, Boddingtons Pub Ale.  It was cool, creamy and delicious.
We ordered  a small order of nachos, which although large were lacking in flavour, salt and cheese.  Despite a variety of toppings it was bland and dry.
We saw an large pretzel being ordered at the bar and decided to try one.  It was very good and filling and the cheese sauce was a good accompaniment.
All in all it was a typical pub experience, with a typical pub atmosphere and food selections.  The service was okay, the nachos needed serious improvement to have any taste.  The curried wraps that were passed around as hoers d'oeuvres were very tasty though.

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Sunday, 5 January 2014


44 Wellington Street E. Toronto, On., (416) 366-0303 Dinner and Late Night Mon. to Sat.
We came upon Pravda Vodka Bar after dinner at a nearby restaurant called Bravi.  The exterior looked interesting.

The inside was quite spectacular and we had a chance to get a good look around the place before the evening crowd started to arrive.

On our way to the upstairs bar we came across a trumpet player playing a jazz tune.

The upstairs is as dramatic as the downstairs.

A wall of vodka bottles from around the world.

The menu of vodkas and martinis is extensive!

We decided to choose from their extensive martini list and selected a wonderful tasty martini called a Trotsky Lemon Berry Martini.  It was outstanding, so we had a couple of them.

It was accompanied by an amuse bouche that was light and very tasty.

There is a grand piano used some evenings with entertainment.

The surroundings here are unusual and quite dramatic.  The martinis are awesome and we enjoyed our time here.  Although we did not eat here, we will be back to try more of their martinis and soak in the sights of this space.


40 Wellington Street East, St Lawrence Market /Old Town, Toronto On., (416) 368-9030, Open for Lunch and Dinner Mon. to Sat.
On late Saturday afternoon, after visiting St. Lawrence Market,  I and my son Mark ( discovered Bravi Ristorante in the area.  It was around 4:30 pm and they were not opening until 5:30, however someone noticed us at the window and came to tell us to come back after 5 and they would open for us.  So we went across the street and had a drink at the Flat iron Firkin and came back to Bravi for dinner.
The inside is quite classy yet warm and spacious.

There are a couple of wine walls dividing areas within the restaurant.

We decided to try their house Merlot, and it was smooth and delicious.
Before we were finished looking at the menu a wonderful basket of fresh crisp bread and warmed olives arrived accompanied by a complex olive oil dip. Yum.

We decided to share a salumi board, which consisted of a variety of cured meats and pickled vegetables.
For my main I chose the grilled Atlantic salmon, with garlic sauteed rapini, cherry tomatoes and black olives in lemon butter.  The salmon was nicely grilled and the rest of the dish went very well with the fish.
Mark had the gnocchi gorgonzola, with gorgonzola cream, toasted walnuts and caramelized pears.  It was very good and he really enjoyed this dish.

The service was very good and friendly, the food was delicious and the wine was reasonable.  We will definitely return to try some other Tuscan inspired dishes here (although the menu is somewhat limited) .  It has a comfortable, romantic feel to the space and well worth a visit.
Well, we came back a couple of weeks later on a breezy February Saturday after another visit to St. Lawrence Market.  We met the same friendly waiter and were seated at the window where we could see the street and park.  This time I came with my wife and son Mark to try some other dishes.  My wife tried the special; grouper with a risotto type mixture made with white beans and other ingredients that tasted scrumptious.  
Mark tried the Scallop Risotto that included pan seared scallops, double smoked bacon and saffron. He really enjoyed it.

I stuck to the same dish I had the last time here - their grilled Atlantic salmon with garlic sauteed rapini, cherry tomato and olives.  It is very good!!
My wife and son finished with the tiramisu.  It came covered in cocoa and in a large cup and was smooth and delicious.  I just kept drinking the wine - a nice California Cabernet.
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