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39 Prince Arthur Avenue, The Annex, Toronto, On. (416) 964-2441, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night 7 days a week
Went to Duke of York for nachos and beer on Saturday evening with my son Mark.  The Duke of York is located on Prince Arthur Avenue near Yorkville.  In a group of restaurants that include Bedford Academy, Fieramosca and Opus.  It is a very lively bar with a welcoming feel and easy going attitude.
The inside is warm, homey and is composed of a variety of different rooms and a nice bar.  There is an outdoor patio at the back that is open in the summer.  The downstairs was hopping with a birthday party and there were large groups coming and going throughout the evening.  There were many U of T students here, since it is located on the edge of the Annex and the University.

They have a good selection of beers, including the regular choices, as well as some craft brews and some UK choices.

Mark decided on a Moosehead.

I chose a beer I hadn't had in a while, Boddingtons Pub Ale.  It was cool, creamy and delicious.
We ordered  a small order of nachos, which although large were lacking in flavour, salt and cheese.  Despite a variety of toppings it was bland and dry.
We saw an large pretzel being ordered at the bar and decided to try one.  It was very good and filling and the cheese sauce was a good accompaniment.
All in all it was a typical pub experience, with a typical pub atmosphere and food selections.  The service was okay, the nachos needed serious improvement to have any taste.  The curried wraps that were passed around as hoers d'oeuvres were very tasty though.

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