Tuesday, 17 February 2015

46 Blue Jays Way, Toronto On., (416) 489-8922, 11:30 am to 12 am 7 days a week
I went to Wahlburgers with my son Mark (http://www.markallen.ca/) after the auto show in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  It is located in the Soho Metropolitan Hotel.

It was a very cold evening and Family Day, so there were a lot of people around and not many restaurants were open in the area.  The result, Wahlburgers was packed and we had to sit at the bar.  It was a nice bright restaurant and we had a good view around us.

There is a large variety of seating here, which makes it feel larger than it is.  There is a balcony, bar seating, and long tables and booths.  However, there is far too much green and far too much Wahlburg here.
The menu consists of a variety of burgers and sandwiches, all about 10 dollars.  We both chose the Thanksgiving Day burger.  It consists of fresh ground seasoned turkey, stuffing, Paul's orange cranberry sauce, roasted butternut squash and mayo.
It was a nice burger, but very clumsy to eat.  The turkey was tender and delicious, but the sauce was messy and overwhelming, causing the burger to fall apart.  The patron beside me had the Portobello Mushroom Cap burger and was quite perturbed that the burger fell apart due to so much sauce.
Mark chose the fries and I chose the Sweet Potato Tots.  The tots were delicious!
Mark had a Wahlbrewski North (brewed by Mill Street Brewery), while I had some wine.
I had a couple of glasses of chianti.  All in all it was a reasonably priced meal that was good but not anything special.  The burger was small, the attitude was indifferent and we probably will not return.  There are many places in the city that have very good burgers and are more eager to serve them.

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