Friday, 22 February 2013


35 Church St. Toronto On., St. Lawrence Market/Old Town M5E 1C9, (416) 366-7800

Went to the Hot House Cafe on a  blustery winter night in February that included freezing rain, snow, sleet and rain all at once (the only thing missing were locusts).  We spent some time in the St. Lawrence Market (a fresh food market near the restaurant) before coming here, so we were hungry when we arrived.

The waiter brought us some bread in a basket with butter.

We began by ordering a nice French Merlot.

Then we ordered fried calamari, with a hot sauce and creamy chive dip.  They were crispy and we liked the hot sauce.
My wife had the crispy chicken stir fry with broccoli, strips of chicken, red and yellow bell peppers, bean sprouts, and snow peas in a sweet and sour sauce, served over basmati rice.  It was delicious and huge (but should have included more chicken).

I had the barramundi pan fried fish fillet with garlic and parsley mashed potatoes and crisp carrots and beans.  The fish was very hot and tasty and the mashed potatoes were great.

Overall, it was a good meal that was filling and very reasonably priced.  I would return and try something else of the menu to see if it was as good.  The service was very efficient.  The manager came over to ask if we were enjoying our meal (a nice touch).  The restaurant became busier as the night went on.

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