Sunday, 19 May 2013


392 Queen Street West (near Spadina) , M5V2A9, (416) 363-0588, Lunch and Dinner.

Went to Banh Mi Boys on an early Saturday evening in May.  Queen Street was bustling, as was Banh Mi Boys.  It was packed and a constant flow of people came in and out.  There is very little seating and consequently we had to stand while eating.  The atmosphere was uncomfortably busy!

I had the Banh Mi pulled pork sandwich and regular fries.  The pulled pork was fine but the pickled vegetables were overwhelming and an actual let down to what could have been a great sandwich, but then banh mi means pickled and I should have expected that.
The fries were were good but rather ordinary.  My son Thomas had the same sandwich (pulled pork) and he too was not a fan of the pickled vegetables.  My son Mark who suggested this restaurant really likes it and enjoys the uniqueness of the pickled vegetables.  He had the five spiced pork belly sandwich which he has had before and really enjoyed it.
All in all my son Thomas and myself did not like the experience here.  However my son Mark ( loves the food here. It seems it is a matter of taste and based on reviews I have read, most seem to enjoy Banh Mi Boys.

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