Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I have been to the Martini House in Burlington many times and have never been disappointed.  They have a wonderful Tapas Menu that would satisfy any palate.  On Tuesdays from 3 to close they are half price and are worth every penny.  
Last night my wife and my two sons shared a variety of these
including; bayou fried calamari with New Orleans seasonings and smoking chipotli aoli, escargots in garlic cream sauce, edemame (the best version I have tasted), asian nachos made with crispy wontons covered with Asian slaw, sweet peanut seasoned chicken, cheese and topped with a wasabi aoli (absolutely divine), small button riblets covered in a sweet barbecue sauce and very meaty (melt in your mouth).  We shared a bottle of great Chianti at a reasonable price and my wife had strawberry cheesecake.  

On one of our previous visits the bartender (who is very good at his craft) introduced us to something called Blue, Blue, Lemon.  It can be made as a Martini without ice or a Cocktail with ice.  It includes 1 oz of blueberry vodka, 1/2 oz of blueberry liquor and 1/2 oz of Soho (lichee liquor).  It's a great way to complete your visit here. 

Even though it can get very busy here both on the spacious patio on the front, or inside which is a little cramped, the service is very efficient and the waiters and waitresses are always smiling.

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