Thursday, 6 December 2012


12995 South Cleveland Avenue, Fort Myers Florida, (239) 936-2233

Decided to go out to breakfast before leaving Florida.  So we went to the Saigon Paris Bistro, next to the Seven Lakes Fort Myers community that we were staying in.
We arrived hungry and ready for a hearty breakfast.

One of us ordered the peach filled crepes.  They were filled with a pasty peach goop that looked a bit like baby food - instead of canned peaches or fresh peaches.  At least there were some fresh fruits on the side.

One of us ordered the cream cheese crepes filled with raspberry and cream cheese.

Two of us had the French Combo, which included two sausages or two bacon strips, eggs, french toast and a side  of fresh fruit.  It was a typical big breakfast, however the french toast was very light and quite good.  One of us had the eggs scrambled and one of us had the easy over eggs.

It was a typical breakfast selection that was made more palatable in that the price was two for one.  The service was very good and the server Patricia was well known in the area.

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