Friday, 28 December 2012


133 John Street, Entertainment District, Toronto On., (416) 595-9100, Open 7 days for lunch and dinner, Fri. and Sat. Late night.

We decided to go to Jack Astor's on John Street in Toronto.  It is a very large and active restaurant in the summer season with a very large and busy patio.  It is quieter in the winter.  When we arrived we were given a table in the middle of the hallway to the kitchen just inside the front door.  It was a virtual freeway (poor restaurant design).

One of us had the Bouillabaisse soup that looked rather watery but was good.
We weren't that hungry so we decided to order appetizers and salads.  One of us ordered the pulled pork poutine.
We shared two orders of fried calamari.

Two of us shared lettuce wraps that were very substantial, some of it had to be taken home.

Two of us had chicken grilled caesars salads.  They were quite filling.

One of us had a regular caesar salad.

We shared a bottle of Berringer California cab sav - always a good choice.  We found the menu has been much the same for years.  It is substantial and filling, but could use more imagination.  Our waiter was very efficient and friendly.  One thing we noticed at the end of our meal - a large group of people were patiently waiting to get seated, while a group of hostesses were chatting.  There were many empty tables and these people could have been seated much quicker.

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