Saturday, 12 January 2013


289 Queen Street West, Toronto, On (416) 593-2766

We decided to have a snack of nachos and a libation after a bit of walking on a beautiful 12 degree celsius evening in January on my favourite street in Toronto - Queen Street.  So we came to the Black Bull - this is the first patio to open in spring on Queen Street in Toronto.

random Queen Street Busker

Tom and Katie decided to have beer - it looked ice cold and delicious.  They have a lousy selection of beers!  They really depend on their location and their summer patio and really that is it.
I had some red wine - didn't feel like beer today - it was a Jacobs Creek and was just OK.  It was the only red wine on the menu - this is supposed to be a bar!!
Since we were going out for dinner later we decided to just share a plate of Nachos with chili.
They were accompanied by sour cream, guacamole and salsa on the side and were great to share because they were covered in a mountain of cheese.  We didn't have anything substantial here but what we did have was OK.  The service could have been faster, it was way too slow - since it was not busy at this time on a late Saturday afternoon.  Ordinary pub food nothing special.  We have been to far better pubs in Toronto.

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