Thursday, 17 January 2013

7555 Montrose Road, Niagara Falls On., L2H 2E9 Chinese Buffet

We received a gift certificate for the Mandarin, so my wife and I decided to try it on our way to the Fallsview Casino.
After a circuitous and frustrating drive to find the place we finally found the front entrance.  It was typical of most Mandarin Buffets with the typical decorations and selections.

We decided to order a bottle of Valpolicella to help us digest our meals.  Our meals mostly consisted of deep fried, garlic covered  buffet items that seemed to have sat too long.  We found the shrimp  balls and panko covered shrimp soggy and salty.  Most items we tried were very salty and rather ordinary buffet items.  There were no real standouts in this buffet - even the sushi items were bland and tasteless.  Our waiter was very good and attentive, but we are not big fans of buffet food.  One of the partners came around and greeted the patrons in the restaurant, which was a nice touch.

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