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156 Cumberland Street, Yorkville, Toronto, On M5R 1A8 (416) 967-7676 Open for lunch,  dinner, take out and catering. 

We went to Toni Bulloni for Winterlicious 2013.  I called a couple of hours before to make a reservation for 6:00 and basically got the same response as a couple of other places nearby.  They were full.  So I called again and asked if they had space for 5:00 to 5:30, since we were very close.  They said that they could accomodate us for 5:00 so we went.  One of the places that said they were booked solid was Ciao wine bar - we looked inside as we went by, they were half empty.  Another place we called Annona was also not full as we went by.  
I have a serious problem with reservations because I think they cause restaurants to lose a lot of potential customers.  Not all reservations are honoured and it frustrates me when I cannot be seated in a restaurant because of possible reservations!  When we left Toni Bulloni, at about 6:30 (who told us originally that they were fully reserved) it was half empty!!  See what I mean!!
That being said, they reluctantly seated us in an almost empty restaurant at 5:00 and we ordered a couple of bottles of Italian Montelpiciano wine.
My wife, my son Thomas and I were waiting for our other son Mark to meet us for supper.  

We all began with a complimentary bruschetta flatbread, that consisted mostly of chopped tomatoes and some garlic, herbs and oil.  It was very light and easy to eat without being filling.

complimentary bruschetta
My wife and sons ordered the spinach salad with warm caramelized onions, mushrooms, bacon, garlic and Dijon.  It was delicious.
delicious spinach salad with caramelized onions, mushrooms and egg
I ordered the mixto platter which consisted of; prosciutto, artichoke, marinated olives, tomatoes and bocconcini.  It too was delicious.
mixto platter nice and cool
My wife had the grilled salmon with potato and grilled vegetables.  She liked the salmon and grilled vegetables.
grilled salmon with grilled vegetables (simple)
I had the veal scallopini in a lemon white wine sauce with grilled vegetables, button mushrooms and capers.  It was well done and all the flavours went well together.
veal scallopini with grilled vegetables
My two sons had the lamb shank with garlic mashed potatoes (the potatoes were a little cool on arrival)  One really enjoyed his lamb but the other found a little gristle in his portion.
lamb with garlic mashed 
For desert Thomas chose the creme brulee.  It was delicious.
creme brulee
My wife and Mark ( chose the caramel crunch cake.  It was  good.
caramel crunch cake
I had the homemade tiramisu, which was light and satisfying.
homemade tiramisu
We completed our meal with a regular coffee.

For the four of us with two bottles of wine the bill was very reasonable, thanks to winterlicious.

It is always a wonderful evening when we are together!!

At Toni Bullonis we had a good meal at a reasonable price.  We will probably return again to try some other dishes here.  We found the food simple but good.  We did find however, that too many people were involved with serving us.  The restaurant was small and cramped, which kind of made our experience a little uncomfortable.  The waitress could have been a bit more directly involved and personal.

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