Thursday, 8 August 2013


1968 Queen Street E, The Beaches, Toronto On. (416) 913-3361, Open for Lunch and Dinner seven days a week, breakfast Sat. and Sun.
After having a picnic lunch and a very long walk along the boardwalk at the beaches, my wife and I decided to go to dinner to the Green Eggplant for a light dinner.  This restaurant is a very popular one in the beaches area of Queen Street near Kew Gardens.

We took a look at the extensive menu and decided to choose something from the seafood section.
First we began with a simple Chianti.

We selected one of the house specialities, the rainbow trout fillet with a garlic lemon sauce, served on a sizzling plate.  It came with a Caesar salad and Basmati rice.  First came the bread basket with three different dips.  One of the dips was a tzatziki base, the second was barbecued base and the third was a hummus based dip.

The accompanying salad was large but quite plain and bland.

The trout fillet was large, hot and simply broiled on a sizzling plate.
The basmati rice was large and nicely cooked.

The inside is comfortable and nicely decorated with large windows opening to the street.  

It is quite a popular restaurant in the beaches for its price, quantity of food and family friendliness.
 Although it was a large quantity of food, it was rather bland and simple.  The server was quick but lacked personality.  The surroundings were comfortable and many meals we saw looked large - especially the salads.  We will probably return to try other selections on their menu.

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