Sunday, 26 August 2012

NAPOLI PIZZERIA 3.5 out of 5

5485 Ferry Street, Niagara Falls On., L2G 1R5, (905) 356-3345

Went to Napoli Pizza to have dinner recently.  The meal began with homemade focaccia bread and flavoured oil,  it was delicious.  We ordered a fine bottle of Chianti.  We followed this with an appetizer of large grilled shrimp ($15) for 10 very scrumptious and meaty.  I had a main of homemade spaghetti with rapini, homemade sausage and peperoncino.  It was good and a very large portion.  It was so large it could have fed two people easily.  The pasta went well with the rapini and the sausages had a hint of anise in them.   My wife had the Gnocchi Toscana which were made with handmade ricotta, parmigiana and escarole  gnocchi in a mascarpone cream sauce.  Unfortunately we had no room for desert but we did have cappuccinos and they were a great finish.  The service was outstanding and very professional, however through no fault of theirs they had to keep apologizing for missing ingredients and adjustments that had to be made to some of the menu items.   All in all Terroni in Toronto is a far better restaurant with better quality pastas and more variety of pastas.

homemade spaghetti with rapini and homemade sausage

5 large shrimp each, they were delicious

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