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6039 Fallsview Blvd., Niagara Falls On., 905-353-4111, 
After a little gambling in the Fallsview Casino we decided to have dinner.  It is rare to find a real restaurant that is not a tourist trap in Niagara Falls - this is definitely a real restaurant.  Unfortunately it takes some effort to find it, since it is located within the Double Tree Resort and Spa on Fallsview Avenue.  It is located on the mezzanine (upper) level above the beautiful lobby inside the hotel.

The interior is clean, well designed and quiet.

During dinner a guitarist played smooth, soothing jazz tunes (a couple behind us decided to dance during one of
the tunes).

Before we ordered, a basket of delicious and fresh bread arrived.
We ordered a bottle of Robert Mondavi Woodbridge Merlot which is always a good choice.

The menu is quite varied and simple to follow.
We decided on fried calamari as an appetizer.  They came with a nice sweet dipping sauce and were very good.
Both of us decided to order from the seafood selection on the menu. For our mains, my wife ordered the salmon.  It arrived on a bed of flavourful rice and vegetables including bok choy, which we both really like. (a piece of my fish selection (pickerel) is visible in the bottom of the pic). 

I chose the pickerel (walleye) and it was perfectly cooked and covered in a delicious simple sauce. My selection came with bok choy and alfalfa sprouts and the rice as well.

There was a special this evening - a 6 ounce lobster tail with melted butter for 9 dollars.  We decided to share it and it was wonderful.
We ended our savoury meal with a simple espresso, it was done perfectly.
This was definitely not a tourist trap restaurant (it is very good food at a fair price).  Its is definitely worth the effort to find.  We will soon return to try some other items.
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