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309 King Street West, Entertainment District, Toronto On., (416) 967-9671, Open for Lunch, Dinner, Late, 7 days a week.
On a hot humid Saturday afternoon we decided to visit Harbourfront in Toronto.  It was very hot and there wasn't even a breeze, so we decided to head back into the city to have some cold libations and a late lunch.  We have been to a Gabby's before on Bloor Street, but we were on King Street and figured we should try this one.
notice the humidity in the photo
We ordered a selection of beers, Katie and Thomas ordered Molson Canadians.
I ordered a Rickard's White with a slice of orange.
We were quite hungry and after studying the menu we decided to order from the sandwich section.

Katie ordered the grilled chicken ciabatta with sweet potato fries.

Tom ordered the pulled pork sandwich with sweet potato fries.

I ordered the club sandwich which had one small boneless chicken breast an a couple of small pieces of bacon.

It is obvious from the pictures that the sandwiches were very small and certainly not worth $11.50 to $12.00.  The server was rather cursory and just went through the motions.  The inside was quite empty even though the patio was quite busy.
It is basically in a high tourist zone and seems to take advantage of it, with it's visible and busy patio.
We will not be returning here in the future - we left hungry and disappointed with the quantity and quality.
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